Finding the Best Shoes for Barefoot Runners

A large number of people are now trying barefoot running. They want to get healthier and for that they are trying barefoot jogging and running. Many health experts agree that it is a good idea, but what about your feet. How would you manage it, if there are sharp objects on your running way? You may get injured and you may not be able to run again for many days. Therefore, you need shoes that can provide the benefits of barefoot running and protect your feet. You need the Vibram Furoshiki shoe which is designed for the barefoot enthusiasts.

What makes Vibram Furoshiki the best for barefoot runners?

There are many features that make Vibram Furoshiki an impressive choice for barefoot runners, for a detailed overview be sure to have a look at our review of the most popular wrap shoes. Some notable features are:

furshiki for running
  • Unique design:

Let’s start from the design of this shoe. The Furoshiki shoes present a design that you cannot find in any other shoe. The rubber-made outsole features Vibram’s WaveGrip compound that is quite lightweight. The grip would be awesome on both rugged and slippery surfaces. You can use these shoes while playing sports, outing at the beach, or simply moving outside the home for a walk. The durable outsole is adorned with two swaths that you need to stretch and stick to the velcros, situated around the ankles. The Furoshiki swath makes these shoes breathable and very comfortable.

  • Optimum comfort:

You will certainly admire the comfort provided by Furoshiki wrap shoes. These shoes do not cause any kind of discomfort while you use them for running or sprinting. In fact, the rubber-made outsole provides an awesome grip on all kinds of terrains. The innersole will provide a cozy feel while you will run. The Furoshiki swath will keep your feet in an ideal position, but never put extra stress over your feet. You can freely move the toes and the midfoot to feel relaxed.

  • Lightweight construction:

Vibram is a company that has now decided to provide something unique every year. It is spending a good time in inventing new technologies to make shoes more comfortable and useful for the users. Its latest Furoshiki Shoes are extremely lightweight. Many users have also reported that they feel like using socks when they use these wrap shoes. It is pretty amazing because all the running shoes, boots, or sneakers weigh a few pounds. That is not the case with Furoshiki, and that’s why these are pretty unique shoes.

Whether you are a health enthusiast, travel enthusiast, or a normal person, these wrap shoes are perfect for all the users. These are foldable shoes, which mean you can fold the outsole and wrap it to reduce the size of the shoes. These shoes get rolled up and cover a very small space in any kind of bag. So, it would be a great choice to carry on a tour, if you want to use new sneakers at an outdoor event or on a vacation. The Furoshiki Shoes are unisex shoes. You and your partner both can try them and get the best protection for your feet.

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