Foldable Furoshiki Shoes for the stylish traveler

Traveling is a refreshing activity that every individual likes. You get a chance to see new places and meet new people during new trips. Of course, it is not possible for everyone to travel all the 365 days of a year, but you can certainly spend at-least 15 days by enjoying a refreshing holiday on a good tourist location. Your shoes will make this journey more enjoyable if you have a pair of comfortable shoes. What if you get a pair of shoes that you can fold to store in the backpack and unfold when you need them? Would you buy a pair of such shoes? You will certainly say yes and therefore you should try Vibram’s new Furoshiki shoes.

furoshiki foldable shoes

Why the Furoshiki shoes?

You may know that Furoshiki is a Japanese cloth, widely used for packaging different things. Vibram had adopted this cloth and used it to produce a new design’s shoes. These shoes are now known as Furoshiki or wrap shoes. Essentially, you receive a 5mm rubber outsole that will be equipped with two swaths. It takes the shape of a stylish shoe as you put your feet on the outsole and start wrapping it. You will feel incredible comfort and that’s why the wrap shoes are very popular.

Though the outsole is not quite thick, still it can provide impressive comfort. The Furoshiki shoes weigh very low weight. In fact, you may say that you are wearing socks because these shoes weigh too low. The flexibility of the swaths allows the users to move their toes, midfoot, and the ankles freely after wearing wrap shoes. There will be no chance of discomfort because your toes will move comfortably. The shoe will appear like a pair of stylish sneakers. However, you can also use these shoes while running or jogging. Be sure to check our comparison between the most popular furoshiki models​.

Easy to carry anywhere:

Vibram provides a high-quality carry case to carry these shoes. That carry case comes with a rubber bottom and that’s why it is also durable. You may not like to wear the Furoshiki while starting your journey, but you would certainly like to try a colorful variant of these shoes on the beaches and also in the wild. The rubber outsole is flexible, it is very tough. It will protect your feet throughout the period you will wear the shoes. The impressive design and unique shape of these shoes will make your feet look more attractive.

It is not just about looking attractive. Vibram has produced the Furoshiki shoes specially for the barefoot enthusiasts. The health benefits of barefoot running are many and therefore numerous people like to go out for jogging or running barefoot. So, if you are also one of those barefoot enthusiasts, you should buy and use the wrap shoes. It will seem like you are running barefoot, but the rubber outsole will protect your feet against all the hazards. Your feet will be away from the injuries and you will get all the benefits of barefoot running. So, try these shoes now because you can buy it online. 

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