What you need to know about Furoshiki shoes

What you need the most when you move out of your home? Of course, that thing is your footwear. Whether you are wearing shoes, slippers, or sandals, all of these footwear are designed to protect your feet and make you look more stylish according to the occasions. Most of the individuals prefer shoes while going out because the shoes provide the best comfort along with protection. People use casual, formal, or running shoes while moving out of the house. Have you ever thought about trying a pair of shoes that is very flexible, unique, durable, and all in all, unlike anything you have tried before? The Furoshiki Shoes are built for you if you wish to try something unique.

Introducing the Furoshiki Shoes:

It is Vibram, the famous Italian rubber outsole manufacturing and licensing brand, which had tried to provide something unique and very different this time. They hired Masaya Hashimoto to design a unique style’s shoe that will not only be easy to wear, but also provide all the required features of high-quality shoes. Masaya Hashimoto provided Vibram with the Furoshiki shoes. These shoes come with a Vibram’s durable outsole and flexible Furoshiki swath. There is nothing else in the Furoshiki shoes because you don’t need anything else to experience impressive comfort.

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​What makes Furoshiki Shoes so special?

It is the design and uniqueness which make these wrap shoes pretty special. All you receive is a rubber outsole, equipped with the Furoshiki swath. It is very simple to wear these shoes. Just put your feet on the outsole and start wrapping the Furoshiki swath around your feet. Stretch the upper fabric and stick the swath to a velcro given around the ankle. Now you can see that your feet are in durable and flexible shoes and you can easily move your toes and ankle to feel comfortable.

These shoes are very flexible and the best for jogging and walking. The Vibram’s patent rubber outsole offers incredible comfort while you walk or run. The stretchable Furoshiki wraps keep your feet fixed on the outsole without putting extra pressure over your feet. However, still you will feel like wearing socks because these shoes are very lightweight and flexible. Many people have bought the wrap shoes and most of them are pleased with the quality and performance of this new style shoe.

Where should you buy the Furoshiki Shoes?

Even though these shoes are new and unique, it may be tough to find the Vibram Furoshiki Shoes in a local footwear store. Therefore, ​should check our Furoshiki buyers guide where we have reviews and links to the best vendors. Vibram has been producing and selling this kind of shoes in various different colors. You can get sneakers and running shoes for the regular uses. Do not worry about sizing because you can easily find a perfect size in the Furoshiki Shoes. If you receive a bit larger or smaller size shoes, use the swath to adjust the size of the shoes. These shoes are unisex shoes and therefore both men and women can try them.
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