Why Furoshiki shoes are perfect for barefoot runners

People used to walk and run barefoot while there were no shoes. Their physique was certainly better than what most of the people have today. So, it is obvious that barefoot walking and running is a lot better for your health than running with expensive running shoes of today’s age. However, barefoot running can be hazardous. It can be very dangerous mainly because of the unknown substances like sharp stone particles and broken glasses on the ground. If any of these substances will prick into your feet, you will not be able to walk or run for several days. Therefore, you should try a pair of shoes that can provide all the health benefits of barefoot running. These shoes are the Vibram Furoshiki shoes. Check our Furoshiki wrap shoes review for a full comparison of different models.

furshiki for running

Why Vibram Furoshiki is a great choice for the barefoot runners?

Vibram is a renowned brand that has been supplying high-quality products for barefoot runners for a long time. Now it is providing the Furoshiki shoes. These shoes are comprised of Vibram’s renowned rubber outsole and the Japanese wrap cloth Furoshiki. The rubber outsole of these shoes is only 5mm thick. It means you can feel the ground and all the objects on the ground while walking or running. However, those objects will never be able to prick into your feet until you run over a sharp substance.

These shoes are designed to provide all the health benefits of barefoot running. You will find it quite impressive that how flexible these wrap shoes is. These are called wrap shoes because there is no upper. Yes, it looks like normal shoes, but only when you put your feet on the outsole. You will have to fix your toes and ankle over the outsole and then you will have to wrap the swath around your feet. Thus, it will take the shape of shoes and allow you to freely move different parts of your feet.

furoshiki comfortable shoes

Are these shoes durable?

Though Vibram Furoshiki is beneficial for your health, you would never like to spend a considerable amount if the shoes are not durable. To answer this question, yes, these wrap shoes are durable. You get Vibram’s latest rubber outsoles in which the Furoshiki wrap is fixed perfectly. You can put them on your feet and start running. These shoes will provide service like high quality running shoes. You can use them for a very long time.

Another thing that makes Vibram Furoshiki shoes very impressive is their flexibility. You can fold and carry both of your shoes in a very small carry case. You don’t need a large space in your backpack or luggage bag to store these shoes. So, if you are a travel enthusiast and need different sneakers for different occasions, try Vibram’s wrap shoes. You can find these shoes in multiple colors and place the order for more than one shoe. It will allow you to have something unique, healthy, and impressive for every important occasion. That’s why these shoes are getting so much popular nowadays.

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