Furoshiki shoes fit both men and women

It seems like things are getting much and much better for the barefoot enthusiasts. It is Vibram that is offering some innovative designs for barefoot runners and joggers. So, if you are looking for an impressive and comfortable pair of shoes, try the new Furoshiki shoes from Vibram. It is obvious that you will try something that you have never got before. The Furoshiki wrap shoes are unique and that’s why these shoes are so popular among the health enthusiasts nowadays. You might be wondering what benefits you get from these shoes. Continue reading and you will get all the necessary information about the new wrap shoes. For a full comparison between these wrap shoes be sure to check our review on top wrap shoes.

vibram furoshiki shoes fits men and women

Features that make Furoshiki Shoes very attractive:

Every user needs a pair of shoes that not only looks attractive, but also provides optimum comfort and protection while walking or running. The Furoshiki shoes have some notable features that every health enthusiast seeks in high-quality shoes. Those features are as follows:

  • Lightweight:

High quality running shoes will weigh at-least a few pounds. It does not make them bad shoes for your health. However, what if you can get a pair of shoes that weighs a negligible weight? You would like to try those shoes because thus your feet will move much better and faster. So, get the Furoshiki shoes now. The weight of these shoes is almost negligible. Some users have also said that it feels like they are wearing only the socks and not the shoes. That’s how lightweight, these wrap shoes are.

furoshiki murble lightweight shoe
  • Comfortable:

When it comes to comfort, none other shoes can match the performance of Vibram’s Furoshiki shoes. You get Vibram’s high quality outsoles in these shoes. There will be no stress over the sole of your feet. In addition, the stretchable swaths protect your feet and keep them in position throughout the walk, jogging, and running period. Your toes and ankles will move freely and that’s how you will be able to better utilize your feet during the exercise.

furoshiki comfortable shoes
  • Durable:

Are you looking for a pair of shoes that can last for at-least one year? Buy the Furoshiki wrap shoes, if your answer is yes. These shoes are designed and manufactured to last for a long time. It means, you will not need a new pair of running shoes for a long time. The rubber outsole is durable enough to make a good grip on the ground and support your feet movements on all types of terrains. The upper swaths remain intact, even if you use the shoes roughly. High quality Velcros keep the swaths attached to the ankles, whether you are walking or running.

Summing it up

All of these features make the Furoshiki shoes perfect for the outdoor use. Suppose you do not want to buy new shoes for running, you can choose the Furoshiki sneakers. Vibram is offering a wide range of colorful Furoshiki sneakers. These sneakers look very stylish and perfect for the outing. You can get different options in the colors and that’s why you can use these sneakers for all the different occasions.

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