Wrap shoes or Normal shoes? Whats the difference?

Finding a perfect kind of shoes has become a very daunting task now. There are so many varieties and so many impressive options in all types of shoes. All of these options confuse the buyers. It does not matter that you are a man or a woman, you will get confused between two or three best options. It will seem more painful if you choose a pair of shoes that does not provide the features and facilities claimed by the manufacturer. Therefore, you should look for something unique that is making a big buzz in the market nowadays.

It is Furoshiki wrap shoes.

furoshiki foldable shoes

What are wrap shoes?

Furoshiki is a type of cloth, used widely in Japan for wrapping and packing different things. Vibram, which is a renowned rubber outsole manufacturer, had decided to use that cloth for manufacturing flexible and very comfortable shoes. Consequently, they offered the buyers with a unique design’s shoes and those shoes are called the wrap shoes or Furoshiki shoes. You get a flexible and comfortable rubber outsole, equipped with Furoshiki swaths. You can put your feet on the outsoles and wrap the swaths to wear the shoes. The swaths cover the whole feet, but still you can move your toes freely. That’s why this kind of wrap shoes is unique and quite impressive.

furoshiki comfortable shoes

Why wrap shoes are better than traditional shoes?

One thing that makes traditional shoes quite problematic is their weight. Just imagine that you are going out for a long walk and wearing bulky shoes. You will have to apply more power for moving your feet and there can also be some pain around the midfoot and toes. The wrap shoes on the other hand are extremely lightweight. In fact, you will feel like wearing socks. That’s how lightweight the wrap shoes are.

You can walk or run longer on your Furoshiki shoes without facing any kind of discomfort. Vibram’s rubber outsole provides a perfect comfort during the long walks. You do not face any sort of pain or ache and enjoy the walk freely. The Furoshiki wrap shoes are lightweight, but that does not mean that these shoes are fragile. To compare the different Vibram Furoshiki models, check our Vibram Furoshiki wrap shoe buyers guide. These are tough shoes that you can also use while playing an outdoor sport or while running. The swaths will be tightly attached to the velcros throughout the time and improve your performance in the game.

Renowned for perfect fitting:

People often find it confusing to choose a pair of right size shoes. The issue of size can be easily sorted out, if you choose the Furoshiki wrap shoes. You can adjust the position of swaths to increase or decrease the size of the shoes. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can use the same pair of shoes. These are unisex shoes, look perfect for both men and women. So, if you are planning to buy a pair of shoes that you and your partner can use, try the Furoshiki shoes now. The impressive performance and service of the wrap shoes will certainly impress you.

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